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Roswell Eclipse & The Flat Earth

October 14 All day

View Roswell Eclipse details 
HERE @ www.timeanddate.com

Free VIDEO presentations playing @ RODEWAY INN 2803 W 2nd St., Roswell, NM (575-623-9440)

No registration, no charge, no reserved seating, no agenda. Breaks are minimal, just come and go.
Local food delivery menus on site. Conference room seats 75-100.

Intro (6 min) & History of Flat Earth (1hour, 43 minutes combined run time)

10:15am. Pause video: Everybody relocate to the outdoor courtyard eclipse viewing area

11am. Resume video: “History of Flat Earth”
Eclipses on a Flat Earth (4 min)

12 noon. Under The Dome
Flat Earth Clues 1-4  “The Empty Theater”  “Admiral Byrd & The Antarctic Ice Wall”  “The Map Makers”  “Shell Beach”

1pm. Under The Dome
Flat Earth Clues 5-11  “Status Quo”  “Depth Perception”  “Long Haul”  “Making Space Seem Real – Faking Space”  “Magic Show”  “Hiding God”  “Souls in the System”

2:15pm. The Firmament: Barrier Between Heaven and Earth” & “The Firmament and the Temple
+ “Genesis, Globes, and Gnostics: Flat Earth Paradigm Shift?

3:00pm. Taboo Conspiracy “Don’t Trust, Verify” Flat Earth Facts 1-17
“8 Inches Per Mile, Squared”  “NASA Documents Evincing a ‘Flat, Non-Rotating Earth’”  “The Horizon Proves the Earth is Flat”  “What About Refraction?”  “Making Space Seem Real – Faking Space Photos”  “The Space Vacuum”  “The Aeronauts – Witnesses to Our Flat Earth”  “LORAN Proves No Curvature”  “Planes Landing on a 1,000 mph Spinning Ball”  “Felix Baumgartner Proved the Earth is Stationary”  “German Bombing Beams Proved the Earth is Flat”  “Doppler Effect Proves the Earth Does Not Spin”  “Marconi’s 2,135-Mile Flat Earth Proof”  “No Sonar Acoustic Globe Shadow”  “Felix Baumgartner’s Indisputable Flat Earth Proof”  “No Earth Curve Shadow Proves Earth is Flat”  “Lasers Prove the Earth is Flat”

4:30pm. Taboo ConspiracyDon’t Trust, Verify” Flat Earth Facts 18+
“High Altitude Balloons Prove the Earth is Flat & Stationary”  “Same-Sized Sun and Moon Prove Heliocentric Model False”  “Top of Descent and Glidepath Prove a Flat Earth”  “Mt. Rainier and the Earth Bulge Shadow” “That’s Called Night”
“Eclipses on a Flat Earth”

5:15pm. How to Save a Flat Earther

6:00pm. How Everything Works on Flat Earth

7:00pm. Testing the Globe
The Bible & The Still-Flat Earth  (remove/skip 21:52–53:20 chug debate)
A Spinning Globe, 666, and the Strong Delusion

Flat Earth, Aliens, UFOs and the War Against God

9:15pm. A Summary of Flat Earth Amazing, near-autistic rude af 33-minute mind-blowing verbal FAQ download.

SAVE THE DATE: Return next year to “Party Like It’s 1491!”(™) on Columbus Day weekend’s first “Flat Earth Faire” October 12, 2024 when we hope to break ground on TheFlatEarthMuseum.com 


October 14
2803 W 2nd St
Roswell, NM 88201 United States
(575) 623-9440
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