Roswell Eclipse & The Flat Earth

2023 event during the Roswell Eclipse now archived below. We hope to see you for the 2nd annual … “Flat Earth Faire”? “Biblical Cosmology Conference”? Make your reservations now to visit Roswell this Columbus Day Weekend, Saturday, October 12, 2024 to “Party Like It’s 1491”(TM) JOIN Roswell Flatts Biblical Cosmology Facebook page
The below free VIDEO presentations were played @ RODEWAY INN 2803 W 2nd St., Roswell, NM

9am. “Intro &History of Flat Earth
10:15am. Pause video: Everybody relocate to the outdoor courtyard Roswell Eclipse viewing area
11am. Resume video: “History of Flat Earth” +Eclipses on a Flat Earth (4 min)

12 noon. “Under The Dome” Flat Earth Clues 1-4  “The Empty Theater” “Admiral Byrd & The Antarctic Ice Wall”  “The Map Makers”  “Shell Beach”
1pm. “Under The Dome” Flat Earth Clues 5-11  “Status Quo”  “Depth Perception”  “Long Haul” “Faking Space” “Magic Show” “Hiding God” “Souls in the System”

2:15pm. “The Firmament: Barrier Between Heaven & Earth”
& The Firmament and The Temple
+ Genesis, Globes, and Gnostics: Flat Earth Paradigm Shift?

3:00pm. Taboo Conspiracy “Don’t Trust, Verify” Flat Earth Facts 1-17 “8 Inches Per Mile, Squared”  “NASA Documents Evincing a ‘Flat, Non-Rotating Earth’” “The Horizon Proves the Earth is Flat”  “What About Refraction?”  “Making Space Seem Real – Faking Space Photos”  “The Space Vacuum”  “The Aeronauts – Witnesses to Our Flat Earth”  “LORAN Proves No Curvature”  “Planes Landing on a 1,000 mph Spinning Ball”  “Felix Baumgartner Proved the Earth is Stationary”  “German Bombing Beams Proved the Earth is Flat”  “Doppler Effect Proves the Earth Does Not Spin”  “Marconi’s 2,135-Mile Flat Earth Proof”  “No Sonar Acoustic Globe Shadow”  “Felix Baumgartner’s Indisputable Flat Earth Proof”  “No Earth Curve Shadow Proves Earth is Flat”  “Lasers Prove the Earth is Flat”

4:30pm. Taboo Conspiracy “Don’t Trust, Verify” Flat Earth Facts 18+
“High Altitude Balloons Prove the Earth is Flat & Stationary”  “Same-Sized Sun and Moon Prove Heliocentric Model False”  “Top of Descent and Glidepath Prove a Flat Earth”  “Mt. Rainier and the Earth Bulge Shadow” “That’s Called Night”
+ “Eclipses on a Flat Earth”

5:15pm. “How to Save a Flat Earther

6:00pm. “How Everything Works on Flat Earth

7:00pm. Testing the Globe
The Bible & The Still-Flat Earth(remove 21:52 – 53:20 chug debate)
A Spinning Globe, 666, and the Strong Delusion
Flat Earth, Aliens, UFOs and the War Against God
+ see Rob’s “Biblical Enclosed World Cosmology” playlist

9:15pm. “A Summary of Flat Earth Mind-blowing verbal FAQ download

For further study “Biblical Cosmology, Parts 1-8
(+Biblical Cosmology Study Guide on Amazon by same pastor)
“Biblical Creation” series
& “The Great Biblical Creation Debate
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